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About CS & Design
In the internet economy, all businesses are focused on engaging the user. A successful user engagement leads to increased revenue and profits. Any distraction results in business loss and bad reputation, often accompanied by an onslaught on social media. The CSD course contains two themes that address these two aspects, i.e., User Interface (UI) design and User Experience (UX) design.

Most CS graduates today study Machine Learning and majority of final semester projects makes use of machine learning. However, this is often disconnected from the end user/business manager's perspective. For them, it is important to see the business intelligence and patterns from Data mining. This needs to be in an easy and intuitive visual form. The popular adage "A Picture is worth a 1000 words" is very apt in this context. Results need to be depicted in a form such that the end user can understand these results easily and apply it to improve the business. Thus, Data visualizations is a crucial aspect to truthfully and succinctly present the result to end user. The CSD course equips the student to fulfil this important business need.

India and some part of the work has a large percentage of young people in their population. This young generation is a big lover of games, especially digital games. Irrespective of the economy of any country, every parent today obliges their children when it comes to digital games. Thus, a career in game design and development is considered recession proof. The gaming technology inherently makes user of AR/VR (Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality) as well as animation technologies. The CSD curriculum is framed to include courses on these topics, thereby ensuring that upcoming graduates are able to fulfil these underlying engineering needs.

Keeping with currents trend of IoT devices proliferating, it is imperative that new engineers are fully conversant with Robotics, automation and IoT communication. CSD curriculum in higher semesters addresses these needs as optional electives for interested students.

Thus, CSD though shares about 75% of its course with CSE, but provides a distinct perspective and specialization in emerging technology fields. This course is designed in a way such that engineering graduates are equally well versed with Multimedia technologies and design approach. This is in addition to general computing approaches, tools and technologies. This course is in conformity with the objectives set out in AICTE model curriculum of courses at UG level in Emerging areas i.e., "To cope up with the upcoming emerging industrial demands, the technical institutes are to be tuned to educate and train their students to meet the upcoming requirements of the industrial revolution".
▸ The candidates who have passed the qualifying examination, second PUC or 10+2 Higher Secondary or equivalent examination recognized by State / Central Government; the last two years of study shall comprise of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics and should have passed these subjects individually along with English as a compulsory subject.

▸ Candidates must have obtained a minimum of 45% marks in aggregate wherein Physics and Mathematics are compulsory subjects along with Chemistry or Bio- Technology or Biology or Computer Science or Electronics as one of the optional subjects (40% marks in respect of SC, ST and OBC candidates of Karnataka State). However, changes, if any, in the eligibility criteria by the AICTE will be adopted.
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Best Computer Science & Design College In Bangalore With Placements

▸ Course Overview

The Computer Science and Design (CS & D) course at KSGI, one of the Best colleges in Bangalore, is meant to teach students basic ideas and to engage them in various cognitive activities and technical events that will allow them to express their creativity and problem-solving abilities. These abilities and knowledge will help people succeed in their professional lives by improving technical communication and participation.

Computer Science and Design is a subset of Computer Science and Engineering, which includes not only computing technologies, software, programming, and tools, but also design methods and interaction approaches.

The course seeks to provide students with an interdisciplinary skillset that will enable them to work in a variety of sectors including IT, animation, virtual reality, augmented reality, multimedia, robotics, game development, entertainment, and digital analytics.

The ultimate goal of the K. S. Group of Institutions,Bangalore's No. 1 & Top Engineering College for Computer Science and Design (CS&D), is to provide students with information and skills, as well as to prepare them for careers in the sector. Students are taught communication skills, leadership training, teamwork, and other multi-disciplinary abilities in addition to technical skills.

FAQ's | Department of CS&D
What is CS&D and why should one opt for it?

The Computer Science and Design (CSD) programme seeks to produce graduates who are not just familiar with computer methods, tools, and technologies, but also with design methods and new media technologies and applications.

The curriculum contains a small set of core CS and Design courses, as well as a large number of electives from CS, Design, and Digital Media. This course enables students to create programmes that are best suited to their needs.

Students will be prepared to work in the IT business as well as the digital media industry, such as gaming, animation, and virtual/augmented reality, among other fields. Students who want to pursue higher education in CS / IT or Design will be able to do so through this programme.

What is the scope & application areas of CS&D?

You can choose to be a Software Developer, a Database Administrator, Hardware Engineers, Systems Analyst, Computer Network Architect, Web Developer, Applications Developer, UX Designer, etc. Because of the massive number of software and IT organisations recruiting these people all around the world, the breadth of opportunities in this industry is fairly vast.

What are the salary packages for a CSD Engineer as fresher?

In India, the average income for a Computer Science & Design engineer is ₹ 561,680 per year, or ₹ 288 per hour. The starting salary for entry-level positions is INR 550,000 per year, with most experienced personnel earning up to INR 1,380,000 per year.

What are CS&D careers & placement opportunities?
What are the higher studies after CS&D?
Why choose KSGI Institutions for CSD?

KSGI is one of the leading institutions in bangalore under VTU. It has succeeded in imparting quality education to the students & earned the good will of its own over the years. KSGI has various departments offering multiple programs to the students to pursue their education in their respective areas.

  KSGI has well-equipped laboratories, workshops, lecture halls, seminar halls, library, auditorium, canteen and other facilities. We are dedicated to impart education in a way that makes students not only successful professionals but also great beings with compassion and purpose.

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