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About AI & ML
With Industries adopting and evolving to use more Artificial Engineering and Machine Learning in improving products, services, and enabling better evaluation to enhance decision making, the future truly lies in this field.

While a degree in Artificial Intelligence prepares specialists in the area of intelligent machines and systems, Machine Learning is a more specialised subdiscipline of AI that deals with algorithms and statistical models to create computer systems capable of self learning.

With the innovation expected to double along with employee productivity in India by 2021, Machine Learning and Artificial Engineering is amongst the highly Valued Engineering Program.

India is currently ranked 3rd in the world in high quality research publications and are pushing to be the pole position. With more investments and initiatives set to be launched for this field, the possibilities seem limitless and it is safe to say, the future is here and it is AI & ML.
▸ The candidates who have passed the qualifying examination, second PUC or 10+2 Higher Secondary or equivalent examination recognized by State / Central Government; the last two years of study shall comprise of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics and should have passed these subjects individually along with English as a compulsory subject.

▸ Candidates must have obtained a minimum of 45% marks in aggregate wherein Physics and Mathematics are compulsory subjects along with Chemistry or Bio- Technology or Biology or Computer Science or Electronics as one of the optional subjects (40% marks in respect of SC, ST and OBC candidates of Karnataka State). However, changes, if any, in the eligibility criteria by the AICTE will be adopted.
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Best Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning College In Bangalore With Placements

▸ Course Overview

The KSGI's Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning programme is a well-balanced mix of theory and practise, with plenty of opportunities for industry exposure. Students have the opportunity to participate in case studies, extensive hands-on training, e-learning through videos, and work on projects in collaboration with industry in addition to theory classes.

Machine Learning, Cognitive Science, Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, Cloud Computing and Intelligence, and Cyber Security are among the topics covered in the course The curriculum has been created in accordance with current industry trends. The Department's goal is to develop students into global professionals, thus each student is given the opportunity to acquire and comprehend cutting-edge technologies that have recently arisen.

Every semester, students are given a regular lab session. This is done in order to help students have a better comprehension of subjects and avoid rote learning. Throughout the course, students are given mini projects related to each area. Experts from the industry are an important element of our teaching and learning process. To provide comprehensive and insightful training, KSGI invites industry experts on diverse technologies.

The ultimate goal of the K. S. Group of Institutions, Bangalore's No. 1 & Top Engineering College for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI & ML), is to provide students with information and skills, as well as to prepare them for careers in the sector. Students are taught communication skills, leadership training, teamwork, and other multi-disciplinary abilities in addition to technical skills.

FAQ's | Department of AI & ML
What is AI & ML and why should one opt for it?

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML), represent a significant advancement in computer science and data processing that is rapidly revolutionising a wide range of sectors.

A degree in AI/ML provides you with the necessary core abilities to pursue a job in the IT sector. Google, Amazon, Nokia, and Microsoft are just a few of the huge names that hire AI applicants.

The process of teaching AI/ML entailed creating smart computers or intelligent machines to assist in decision-making that is thoroughly studied using data accessible within an organisation. Humans do the same thing when they synthesise information and make a decision.

What is the scope & application areas of AI/ML?

Here is the list of the possible job roles for AI & ML engineering from where they can elevate their knowledge, experience and art of living.

Data Scientist

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are key components of data science, which use methodologies such as regression, predictive analysis, and more to generate insights.

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning engineers are equipped with a wide range of skills, including language analysis, statistics, arithmetic, and more. It is preferable to have a master's degree in mathematics or computer science. Python, R, Scala, and Java are the required technological stacks.

Research Scientist

The scientists are researching machine learning and computational intelligence systems in depth. Applicants must have a PhD or a Master's Degree in Mathematics or Informatics to be considered.

Business Intelligence Developer

In addition to AI, the Business Intelligence Developer's market knowledge must be considered. They analyse vast data sets to discover various market patterns. You'll have an easier time finding job if you have a formal bachelor's degree in computer science, mathematics, or engineering.

AI Data Analyst

Machine learning and computational intelligence systems are being studied in depth by researchers. Applicants must have a PhD or a Master's Degree in Mathematics or Informatics to be considered.

Big data engineering

The objective of a Big Data Engineer is to create an environment in which business processes can communicate successfully. You'll need to study computer languages like Python, R, and Java if you want to pursue a career in AI.

Robotics Scientist

A master's degree in robotics, computing, or engineering is required. The median salary for a robotics scientist is relatively high. Despite the fact that robots prefer automation, skilled builders should be included.

AI engineer

AI engineers are problem solvers who develop, test, and deploy Artificial Intelligence models. It is necessary to have a bachelor's or master's degree in data science, computer science, or statistics.

What are the salary packages for a AI/ML developer as fresher?

As a rookie, an Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning job can pay between INR 6 LPA and INR 12 LPA on average, with top-tier organisations paying even more.

What are AI & ML careers & placement opportunities?
What are the higher studies after AI & ML?

In these days of automation and technology, a B.Sc. Artificial Intelligence degree is valuable. Candidates might choose to work or continue their education after finishing this degree. They have the option of pursuing an MBA, and we all know how many job chances an MBA may provide in India.

Why choose KSGI Institutions for AI/ML?

KSGI is one of the leading institutions in bangalore under VTU. It has succeeded in imparting quality education to the students & earned the good will of its own over the years. KSGI has various departments offering multiple programs to the students to pursue their education in their respective areas.

    KSGI has well-equipped laboratories, workshops, lecture halls, seminar halls, library, auditorium, canteen and other facilities. We are dedicated to impart education in a way that makes students not only successful professionals but also great beings with compassion and purpose.

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